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Hands-Free Water Hose Holding!

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Hands-Free, Hassle Free Water Hose Holder for the Home & Garden; Gardening, Garden Tools

Helpful SeCa Hose Holder™ Uses!

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Features of The SeCa Hose Holder™

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I love it for my regular hand held sprayer! I just hook it up and use it as a sprinkler. It's way more efficient and uses less water than a regular sprinkler!

Lisa of Canyon, TX

I love the heck out of it! I have a really bad back, and the SeCa Hose Holder keeps me from having to bend over and move a regular sprinkler. I also use it to hold the hose above flowerbeds instead of trampling them.

Andy of Wichita Falls, TX

My SeCa Hose Holder™ saves me enough time to drink two more beers  each night while watering the yard! (Update - It's now up to four!)

Allen of Pasadena, TX