Our Story

SeCa Hose Holder: Mark + Seth

We're Mark and Seth, the father and son creators of the SeCa Hose Holder.

We appreciate your time checking us out today and hope that you love our product as much as we do! Here's a little about our story and why we're here for you today.

The SeCa Hose Holder was invented one day when Mark was finally tired of having to bend over to pick up the water hose around his home. He knew there had to be a clever way to securely hold a water hose, but still be mobile enough to be transported around the yard. After a few hours in his workshop, he took this idea and made what would become the very first prototype of the SeCa Hose Holder.

Mark was blown away by how well his prototype had worked for him. He no longer needed to bend over to pick up the water hose and quickly found many other ways to use it to improve his work around the yard. He showed his son Seth and together they refined it into what the SeCa Hose Holder is today.

From the start, we knew the SeCa Hose Holder was something special that we had to show to the world. It provided an incredible convenience in ways we couldn't have imagined.

We both have always dreamed of finding a way to make an impact and help the world out. While our impact may be small, we hope the SeCa Hose Holder is able help make your life a little easier and time spent working around your home much more enjoyable!

What started out as a simple idea, has now become our passion. It is our goal and mission that the SeCa Hose Holder is the very best home & garden tool you've ever used!

Again, thank you very much for stopping by our website and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: TheTeam@SeCaHoseHolder.com

Thank you!

Mark & Seth