That's right! We also wholesale the SeCa Hose Holder! We love providing you the SeCa Hose Holder through our online store, but we also enjoy partnering with other small businesses! The SeCa Hose Holder is currently being carried in over 15 stores across the Austin/Houston markets and growing by the day! We hope our unique tool can provide your store with a unique and helpful offering not found in big box chains! 

If you're a buyer for a Garden Center, Hardware Store, General Store, or anything in-between, you've come to the right place! Send us an email today to TheTeam@SeCaHoseHolder.com to begin your wholesale order!

The SeCa Hose Holder is sold in batches of 20 for wholesale. You may pick in the color of your choice, but a 50/50 Zinc-Black split is recommended! Every SeCa Hose Holder is UPC bar coded and ready to be sold on arrival. For every location needed, we provide a green metal display stand free of charge! The display stand also includes a built in water hose to show off the SeCa Hose Holder to prospective customers! Check out or picture below in one of our locations to get an idea of how it will look in your store!

Wholesale Green Metal Display Stand - SeCa Hose Holder