The Proper Way to Hold a Water Hose

You might be wondering how the SeCa Hose Holder securely holds the water hose the way that it does. Sure, you can lay the hose on the open side of the coil and your water hose will hold fine. However, the real secret to get that signature hold is the way in which you wrap the water hose around the SeCa Hose Holder!

Check out our instructional video and list of instructions below!

The SeCa Hose Holder's Step-By-Step List of Instructions:

  1. Insert the SeCa Hose Holder into the ground by firmly stepping on top of the step with your foot.
  2. Pick up the water hose and bring it on the opposite side of you and the SeCa Hose Holder.
  3. Pull the end of the water hose up and towards you before bringing it through the middle of the SeCa Hose Holder's coil.
  4. Place the end of the water hose underneath the tip of the coil.
  5. Release the end of the water to enjoy a hands-free water hose holding experience!
  6. To release the water hose, reverse the order of the directions above!