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SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black
SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black

SeCa Hose Holder™ - Black

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The SeCa Hose Holder™

The unique and innovative SeCa Hose Holder™ is changing how you use the water hose around your home & garden forever! Whether it's saving your back from bending over to giving you that extra hand you've always needed, the added convenience of hands-free water hose holding can't be matched!

Product Specs

  • Black Powder Coating
  • Made in Texas from Cold-Rolled American Steel 
  • 34" Tall In Ground
  • Holds All Convention Water/Garden Hoses

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Please see the "Instructions" page on how to properly use and secure your water hose in the SeCa Hose Holder™!

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US Patent D812,455

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United States United States

Such a time saver!

Last year I liked my SeCa Hose Holder, this year, I love it! I water early while distributing food for the birds, going back and forth, moving it as needed, but now having to hold the hose. Such a time saver!

Kathie R.
United States United States

I haven't used it yet because it's been raining so much. What I didn't like was that it arrived all bent. It was not packaged well. I think I can bend it back well enough but I'll never get it nice and straight.

Lisa C.
United States United States

Great Product, Great Service

Thrilled with my new hose holder! It makes it much easier to fill a pool that I use for my big dog in the hot summer time. No standing around waiting and waiting for it to fill up! Also - I was shocked to open my package to find a hand written thank you note!!! I have told SO many people about this - it's not common in today's times and it was such a personal touch. Very impressed with my experience overall.

A H.
United States United States

great idea but needs work

I bought the SaCa hose holder to hold my hose when wanting to water garden with hand sprayer. Never a great way to water anything but sometimes it is just what one has to do. So this review assumes a sprayer on the hose. Holds the hose? Yes. But it can be hard to wind a 5/8' hose into the spiral. Hard enough that one doesn’t want to take it out but rather drag the hose and the holder around together to reposition it. Sturdy? it’s OK but with just one spike it can easily twist itself around, shooting the spray off in another direction, or fall over. Holds a sprayer? No - it only holds the hose but the sprayer tends too flop down. Overall satisfaction? Just OK. It would be greatly improved if the hose were held on with a clamp, not the diddly spiral, and if there were two spikes at the bottom. This one is just a half inch steel rod, cleverly bent. I would pay more for one that was more effective.

Bradley B.
United States United States

I used to use step ladder wood clamps to move the hose around the garden

Perfect why didn't I think of it


Super quality tool

Very sturdy, very durable! Versatile for many projects!


So happy with this thing!

So happy with my SeCa Hose Holder! I always can’t wait to try out more ways to use!


It’s my right hand man!

Using the SeCa Hose Holder is an every day affair! I just crank it on the mist setting a couple times a day and walk away. It’s my right hand man!

Deborah H.
United States United States

This hose holder is like having a third arm

Just today I soaked an area of grass that was getting dry. Misted my container garden because it hasn’t rained in weeks. And filled my birdbath while I went and refilled my cup of coffee. This is like having an extra set of hands in the garden. I love this thing!!


Love using ours!

Love using our to fill up the kiddy pools for the kids and pup!


Marketing works!

I saw the IG ad for this tool and had to have one! Marketing works!


They're Awesome!

Awesome. No more bending!


Love it!

Loved it and the thank you note! Y’all are going to do well!


Always comes in Handy!

I wanted one for awhile before taking the plunge last year, It’s super easy to set up and comes in handy on those very hot days when the garden needs double the watering.

Felisha S.
United States United States

Seca hose holder

I want more! I love this product!